Basic backyard tools

Must Have Backyard Tools

Each gardener has his or her preferred backyard tools that are ever close to their hands whenever they are working. Backyard gardening is a hobby to many people because it comes with several advantages. Some people have converted this hobby into an income source. This activity requires the use of the correct gardening tools for one to achieve the desired expectations. The type of equipment you buy will depend on the size of your backyard. Regarding this, the following are the must have backyard tools.

Basic backyard tools

Shovel and Spade

Basic backyard tools

A shovel can be used for some tasks. Many people confuse between a spade and shovel, although they are distinct tools. Spades, on the other hand, are of great importance in the transplanting, planting, and planting of vegetation. Moreover, they are of great help in debris elimination and edging of sections of the lawn. A spade and a shovel are very important for any backyard activity.

Hand rake

This is a little triple-pronged device which resembles a set of shiny hooks. Hand rakes look like bow rakes and have the same size like a trowel. A hand rake is very important for slackening and turning the soil up and down. When buying a new hand rake make sure it is made of stainless steel or aluminum. These are the best materials to choose because they are resistant to rust. Hand rakes come in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Understanding the type of a rake to use for a given task is half the work.


This is a smaller version of a shovel which is pointy at the end. It is used for digging burrows and breaking down dirt. Make sure you look out for a sturdy, a comfy handle, a comfortable handle and a one-piece construction when buying a new one. This equipment is designed with a pointed metal scoop blade which is attached to the handle. This tool helps to breaks down soil, mixes with additives like fertilizer, and assists in the transplanting plants.


Many plants and other flowers that are grown in the backyard needs a lot of cutting. Shears are used for pruning back overgrowth, edging shrubs, and removal of dead flowers. It is a great idea to buy several pairs of small shears to help in cutting small stalks and even other fine details. Shears can be used to cut down larger branches. Before you purchase a pair of shears that are of high quality make sure you consider the materials and flexibility.

Watering Can

Watering can is a very important tool that should not miss in your store for the sake of your backyard. A watering can is used to irrigate plants, especially flowers in the nursery. It is also the best watering tools because they shower water to an individual plant or seedling without dragging the hoses. Consider buying a metal watering can because they are durable.


As a backyard gardener, you are going to transfer very heavy tons of rocks, soil, compost, fertilizer, and plant remains. They are the best because it takes a very short period to transfer bulky load within the backyard. A good wheelbarrow should be rust resistant. It should also contain a good handle that provides a great grip to avoid accidents.